1)     To Improve Your Mood 👉 Exercise
2)     To Think More Clearly 👉 Meditate
3)     To Understand the World 👉 Read
4)     To Understand Yourself 👉 Write & Reflect
5)     To Help Other 👉 Help Yourself First
6)     To Learn faster 👉 Have Fun in the Moment
7)     To Grow Faster 👉 Stay Consistent
8)     To Get Loved 👉 Love Others

📢 In a recent talk that i gave to a group of Insurance Sales professionals of a major regional insurance company, i reminded:

⚠️ ‘Your customers want to feel your Good-side! They want to feel Welcomed… Then they will keep coming back to you…

So, if you want to FEEL BETTER so that you can provide the Best Customer Service experience… Then, YOU need to first MAKE THE DECISION & TAKE THAT ACTION to Shift Your Well-being towards being more POSITIVE in Life!

If You Do Not Decide, or You are IN-DECISIVE, that is also a Decision!’ ✔️

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