🤔 If you are looking for a fresh start to the New Year of 2022 & YOU are committed to transform your life & career differently as compared to previous years… THEN, you need to read & reflect on these 6 Pointers below.

✔️ 👉 Never break promises or give false hopes to the ones closest to you

✔️ 👉 Never react on every situation and stop being emotional all the time

✔️ 👉 Never contact back those who always gave you only hard times

✔️ 👉 Never come into a relationship out of loneliness or to heal from the past

✔️ 👉 Never trust only words

✔️ 👉 Never hurt someone for your own selfish reasons

🤝 <Picture> This moment was taken during my talk to a group of SME business owners, sharing with them about my own personal journey of Doing Business & Running Thriving Talents – I shared with them that the ‘Culture’ of our business & company, is an extension of our Personal Values as Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

🙏 Wishing All You, My Friends on LinkedIn a Very Happy New Year!

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