We would like to thank some of our most recent fireside chat speakers, Amber Chia, Harith Iskandar, Dato’ Seri (Dr) Mohamed Azahari Kamil and Low Wee Wern who have continued to motivate and inspire our participants through their unique personal stories. We especially enjoyed Amber’s rags-to-riches story of how she struggled and learnt to become a savvy entrepreneur, businesswoman, and supermodel, despite many challenges and difficult circumstances.

Amber Chia

Former Group Managing Director for QSR Brands, Malaysia – Dato’ Seri (Dr) Mohamed Azahari Kamil was also generous in sharing his wisdom with our participants on decarbonising mindset and culture, in which he stressed the importance of getting rid of old paradigms so that we can embrace and adapt to the new ways of working.  

Dato' Seri Azahari Kamil

Also, we would like to thank our local funnyman, Harith Iskandar, who joined our participants in reliving his many humorous experiences while learning about how life works, and how to make the best out of whatever fortune throws at you.  

Harith Iskandar

And finally, a newcomer on the block for our fireside speaker line-up, national squash player, Low Wee Wern who spoke about her rise to the top and recounted a comeback through enduring injury and rehab, not just once, not just twice, but three times! 

Low Wee Wern

Our speakers continue to amaze us with their tenacity, perseverance, creativity, and ability to find the bright (and funny) side of life. 

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