We are extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to run 7,000 participants through our Superhero simulation virtual team building for a leading national telecommunications company in the last month. In this simulation, we created a universe full of superheroes with accompanying supervillains that our participants have to defeat.

We managed to get these highly motivated people to adopt their ‘Superhero’ personas and rush in to complete different challenges that we have simulated for them, in our ‘Virtual Universe’ where Resilience, Creativity, Emotional Control & Teamwork will be needed for them to fight off a planetary threat! Our participants learn how to bond together and use their individual strengths to defeat the enemies.

We are Grateful to have Impacted Lives over the course of this program – Equipping them with the Motivation, Leadership Direction & Skills to Create more Positive Impact through their work. We would like to give a shoutout to all our trainers and facilitators a.k.a. Headmasters and Seniors of our Thrivers club, and everyone that has supported us to have made this a success. We look forward to more of this program to come!

If you are interested, contact us at whatsup@thrivingtalents.com to help your organization discover the superheroes within!

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