👉 Whenever you feel like you are losing yourself – Remember, to spend more time with yourself and less time with other people – This is not a Weakness, but a Strategy to reclaim yourself in this ever distractive world of opinions

👉 Love is a form of intimacy and you can’t have intimacy without vulnerability

👉 If your past makes you avoid vulnerability, you will never have intimacy

👉 Avoiding vulnerability feels like self-defense, but in the long-term, it is self-harm

👉 Love yourself more! When you are loved by yourself, it will give you the Will to just persevere, knowing that Better Day are upon you

✔️ ⚠️ <Case Study: Do you think you are worthy? I put up a brave front & walked up to our 8th Prime Minister to have a chat with him. I shared with him about my journey & my recent appointment in an NGO that i was leading. Did i prepare alot? – No. Did i think i was worthy of his time – YES! I loved myself, that i believed that i had something valuable to share with him. So we connected & will keep in touch! – SUCCESS FAVOURS THE BOLD>

❤️‍🔥 Wishing You More Love, Respect & Care for Yourself & the People around You…

Help is never too far away. All You need to Do, is Reach Out and Talk… For Example, Talk to Us 🙂

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