We are proud to Announce that Thriving Talents is a Registered Training Provider of the “RM2BIL PENJANA KERJAYA 2.0 HIRING & TRAINING INCENTIVE” Programme.

The Hiring Incentive Programme, Penjana Kerjaya, is an economic recovery incentive under the Ministry of Human Resource, administered by SOCSO’s National Employment Services to promote job creation among employers while increasing employment prospects.

To encourage employers to hire, PERKESO will be rewarding employers between RM4,000 to RM6,000 per month for each new employee hired — up to six months! Additional incentives such as mobility assistance and professional training programs will also be provided for free as well.

Thriving Talents is a Training Provider who is licensed by PERKESO to provide professional training to the new hires who successfully get the Hiring Incentive from PERKESO.

Hence, we will provide step-by-step guidance to employers when applying for the Hiring Incentive and provide FREE professional training to improve the new hires’ performance.

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