These tips and ideas were sourced from our team’s research, coupled with our own experiences developing and delivering engaging kick-offs, meetings, and keynotes for sales teams.

Always Involve Them

Millennials always tend to work better when they feel included and updated about the company’s progress heading towards its goals. This communication prompts them to be more ambitious and often influences healthy decision-making, leading to more success. 

Give Them Room To Explore

This room to explore may occasionally lead to wasted time and money. However, failing to give millennial employees room to find comfortable working conditions can affect their output. Flexible work hours, combined with an option to work remotely, will increase their motivation levels. 

Provide Pathways to Advancement

Millennials are stereotyped as lazy. For them, being held in the same role too long may demotivate them, leading them to look for other jobs. They need clear pathways for growth and opportunities to think more critically as they move forward.

Motivation Off-Work

We understand that many millennials are not motivated by money but their time off from work. Giving them some me-time, a relaxing time with their families, are great key motivators for them to generate their energy and come back to the game strong. According to Dmytro Okunyev, Founder at Chanty, as you increase their salary as a reward, their willingness to work harder increases insignificantly compared to giving them two days off and accomplishing their goals two weeks earlier.

If you have a multigenerational workforce, or one made up primarily of millennials, we hope you’ll find value in our tips.


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